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Risk Communication Case Study

Case Study

In our newest Case Study, we analyze the techniques used by physicians to manage and communicate patient risk.

Communication Gaps in the Exam Room


In this On Demand Webinar, we discuss the most detrimental communication gaps within the patient journey, and how your brand can improve its communication strategy to close those gaps.

Dr. Buse Discusses Verilogue Analysis of Chronic Migraine


Dr. Buse discusses a Verilogue analysis of actual dialogues between general neurologists and patients with chronic migraine during routine office visits and offers suggestions for improving physician-patient communication.

Decoding the Top Communication Gaps Between Physicians and Patients


We've leveraged nearly a decade of medical linguistic expertise to decode the top communication gaps between patient and healthcare provider.

The Costly Impact of Implicit Questions

On-Demand Webinar

Learn about a dangerous, hidden communication challenge facing patients and their healthcare providers. Then uncover ways for your brand to offer support by helping put patients on a path towards activation and adherence.

Representative Empathy: Increasing Access in a World of Detached Selling

On-Demand Webinar

Sales Trainers know that good selling is built on the foundations of product, disease state and customer knowledge, but fearless selling requires something more: representative empathy.