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Dialogue Detective: Gathering Competitor Intelligence Through Exam-Room Conversation


As a "Dialogue Detective" you'll get to hear how your brand is being positioned against the competition, how your product maps up against competitor profiles, and where leverage points exist in the market.

Breast Cancer


In this Dialogue in Design infographic, Verilogue draws insightful conversational insights from our collection of real Breast Cancer exam room interactions. How does the breast cancer conversation compare to other tumor types? This and more...

Turning Treatment Barriers Into Drivers Using Dialogue

On-Demand Webinar

Watch this pre-recorded webinar and join us as we compare and contrast 10 real exam-room conversations displaying five types of treatment barriers and drivers, why they matter to your brand team, and how you can use dialogue insights to address them.

Turning Treatment Barriers Into Drivers: An Exam-Room Dialogue Perspective


Want to improve adherence? Learn how to use dialogue to uncover the drivers and barriers to treatment acceptance in order to develop more effective messaging and support materials.

Medical Metaphors: a Map to Effective Communication


Verilogue's Kevin Fulmer explains the power of metaphor analysis as a rich resource for healthcare marketers. Kevin uses real dialogue examples from various therapeutic categories to illustrate how patients and physicians use metaphors to communicate and conceptualize intangible things like disease, illness, and treatment. (Duration: 2:39)

Narratives: Pathways to the Patient's Journey


In this short video, Ketki Gupte, Senior Linguistic Analyst, will guide you through an overview of patient narratives, including real examples of the "Hero Narrative" uncovered in exam room conversations of patients suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (Duration: 2:40)