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Finding Common Ground for Patient and Physician Communications


Learn how a comparative analysis of real doctor-patient conversations can help you to identify the words, phrases, and stories most likely to resonate in brand marketing and education materials.

Understanding the Opportunities and Gaps in Physician-Patient Conversation

Pre-Recorded Panel Discussion

Four healthcare dialogue experts will respond to live questions and reviewing real dialogue case studies to ensure clear understanding of the “what,” “why,” and “so what” of physician-patient dialogue.

Leveraging Patient Narratives for Individual Outcomes

Illustrated Research Poster

Download Verilogue's cutting-edge research poster to hear naturally occurring narratives shared by patients with their physicians at key decision points along the prostate cancer patient's journey.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Illness Narrative

Multi-Modal Case Study

Explore the patient's unique illness narrative by engaging multi-modal research encompassing exam-room dialogue, in-home ethnography and follow-up interviews.

Live from SPBT 2013: Secrets of the Patient Journey

Sales Training Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use dialogue-infused training to develop knowledgeable and effective sales superstars. You will be exposed to multiple real in-office doctor-patient dialogues that cover a range of issues (e.g, delivering diagnoses, making treatment decisions, drivers of patient acceptance/pushback).

Patient Education in Asymptomatic Conditions

Dialogue Case Study

Download Verilogue's latest dialogue case study to hear how two physicians approach the challenge of educating patients about atrial fibrillation, an asymptomatic condition.