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Defining the interrelationships between online behaviors and in-person interactions

Integrated Layered Listening delivers unparalleled, real world insight from key patient conversations: in-office and online. By analyzing a patient’s physician and online interaction, we help paint an extremely accurate picture of your brand’s patient journey; from the first conversation until their most recent office visit.

Combining insights from Verilogue’s Medical Dialogue database, the world’s largest collection of in office discussions, cross referenced with the millions of data points observed from online patient behavior, Integrated Layered Listening provides your brand with:


  • An overlapping research methodology providing a holistic view of the patient experience
  • A prioritization of patient needs that are inadequately addressed in the office and online
  • A channel and content strategy to deliver the right message at the right time

Integrated Layered Listening is the perfect solution for a brand looking to improve their overall patient experience. By analyzing social interaction patterns online and in the exam room, Verilogue ultimately guides your communication strategy with the reality of the contemporary patient journey.

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Improving the patient journey one conversation at a time.

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