Successful Marketing Starts
With Listening to Your Customers


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Dialogue-based healthcare insights reveal marketing opportunities

Insights gained from authentic healthcare dialogues between patients, physicians, and other caregivers reveals unique opportunities on which to build marketing strategies that set your brands apart from the competition. Here are ways Verilogue helps you work toward that outcome:

Verilogue’s Language Audit compares the verbiage used in existing creative materials to words and phrases used by physicians and patients to describe efficacy, side effects, and administration of medications. The outcomes of this study help your team better support medications and in-office brand experiences.
Profiling and
Categorize physicians and patients into distinct typologies based on their attitudes and communication styles exhibited during exam-room conversations. Learning which physician and patient typologies are predominant in a disease state empowers marketers to craft specific approaches and write persuasive messages for target customers.
Creative and
Copy Development
Verilogue provides the resources to enhance creative materials with language from actual physician-patient interactions. These insights also improve the effectiveness of creative concepts by providing a better understanding of which key messages will resonate clearly with your target audience. More resonant messaging can improve information recall, medication adherence, reassurance, and need fulfillment.
Brand Positioning
Verilogue identifies specific excerpts in patient-physician dialogue that help you determine how your brand positioning strategy is working by comparing it to what physicians and patients say about your product’s benefits and drawbacks. We also provide insight into how your brands are being compared to competitors and the underlying emotional drivers affecting acceptance of treatment.
Engagement Tools
The Verilogue iPad app and the Verilogue Media Player can enliven your presentations with actual customer voices and the unfettered reality of exam-room interactions.