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Representative Empathy: Increasing Access in a World of Detached Selling

On-Demand Webinar

Sales Trainers know that good selling is built on the foundations of product, disease state and customer knowledge, but fearless selling requires something more: representative empathy.

Physicians Tell All: Sales Rep Confessional

Video Interview

We asked three leading physicians to talk to us about visits with pharmaceutical sales representatives; what they like, what they dislike, and areas where even your best reps can improve to provide more value to increasingly busy healthcare providers.

Live from SPBT 2013: Secrets of the Patient Journey

Sales Training Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use dialogue-infused training to develop knowledgeable and effective sales superstars. You will be exposed to multiple real in-office doctor-patient dialogues that cover a range of issues (e.g, delivering diagnoses, making treatment decisions, drivers of patient acceptance/pushback).