Gender Dynamics in the Exam Room

HORSHAM PA, May 17, 2015 — As healthcare evolves toward a more patient centric approach, it is critical to understand the role gender plays in the behaviors and expectations of in-office conversations. Between 2016 and 2017, Verilogue observed over 1,200 patient-physician wellness interactions to further understand this dynamic. We analyzed and broke down these conversations to identify the various emotions and feelings people chose to express to their physicians. In order to make things a little bit easier to navigate, we broke down the results into 3 separate issues:

  • Motivational speech acts used by men and women
  • The discussion topics related to 4 main motivational speech acts, and
  • How motivational speech varies by age and gender

While men and women interact very differently in the exam room, it is very important to look below the surface of the dialogue. To learn more about our linguistic analysis of the patient journey within wellness visits, check out some of our content below.

Women’s Health and Wellness Whitepaper – Our analysis of the motivational speech acts used by men and women within the exam room. Learn more about how men and women utilize specific terms to symbolize their emotions over age and time. See how and why these trends evolve across all adult age groups and more.

Emotion in the Exam Room Watch – Our video to see how men and women express emotion in the exam room, also across all of life’s stages. Many factors have an ancillary effect on our overall happiness and wellbeing, now it’s your chance to see why and when people experience these feelings.

Webinar on Gender Differences in the Exam Room – On May 17th, 2017, we concluded our health and wellness initiative in our unique webinar “Gender Differences in the Exam Room.” Learn how men and women choose to express themselves to their physician, and what these emotions mean. Learn how motivational words affects people’s urgency to take care of their physical and mental health.


About Verilogue

Verilogue provides marketers and marketing researchers actionable insights into exam-room conversations between doctors and patients, along with access to over 90,000 recorded interactions and the medical linguistic expertise needed to gain a clear understanding of reality at the point-of-care. Verilogue delivers healthcare dialogue expertise in North America, Europe, and Asia.