Verilogue Teaching Empathy Development at 2014 SPBT Conference

HORSHAM, PA—June 3, 2014— Verilogue’s CTO, Jamison Barnett, alongside two training development representatives from Boehringer Ingelheim, has been invited to present an interactive workshop session at the 43rd Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers Annual Conference, to be held in Grapevine, Texas from June 9-12, 2014. The Verilogue workshop will take place June 10th, from 2:15 to 3:45.

Barnett will be in the company of some of the top pharmaceutical sales force training leaders as he shares “Gut Check: Empathy as a Pathway to Powerful Probing.”

Throughout the workshop, participants will be encouraged to become more strategically empathetic as they listen to real-world physician-patient conversations, utilize the workshop iPad application to interact with the audio transcripts, and complete group work to reinforce workshop materials.

The goal is for participants to better understand how to help representatives to connect with physicians through the development of empathy, thereby bridging the critical gaps between product, disease state, and customer knowledge. By developing an empathetic interaction style, sales representatives are better equipped to build a connection leading to improved access.

“For sales representatives, developing empathy for physician and patient challenges is certainly not easy,” said Barnett. “But to become a true partner to your customers, you must be able to connect with the very real emotions, good and bad, that they are feeling every day. Reality-based training based on actual exam room conversations are an increasingly important experience for both new and veteran field representatives, and this workshop is an exciting format that allows Verilogue to showcase how powerful this content can be for brands that value more face-time with their target physicians.”     

Primary objectives include not just laying out how empathy plays a role in fine-tuning sales skills, but also to present a framework to help participants improve customer engagement skills to create and guide memorable physician conversations, and finally to show how to empower sales representatives with the confidence required to ask the most powerful and visceral questions.

About the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers

SPBT is a global non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the professional goals of trainers within the life sciences industry. The annual conference is the only event of its kind, designed by and for life sciences professionals, providing extensive networking opportunities and the chance to explore new tactics and brainstorm strategies.

About Verilogue Training Solutions

Verilogue’s Reality-InfusedTM training solutions are the only salesforce development programs featuring real, un-scripted physician-patient interactions. Drawn from our collection of over 90,000 exam-room conversations, our customized content bridges the gaps between product, disease state and customer knowledge, and help trainers to develop empathy-driven sales representatives who build stronger relationships with their customers.

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