Verilogue Explores Patient Narratives at Upcoming BHBIA Annual Conference

HORSHAM, PA—May 5, 2014— Ellyn Charap, Senior Manager of Analytics and Linguistics at Verilogue, has been asked to present at the prestigious BHBIA Annual Conference, taking place May 12-13 in Hertfordshire, UK. The theme of this year’s Annual Conference is “Digging for Treasure.”

Charap will be presenting alongside Jonathan Coe, Ph.D., Global Market Analytics for ViiV Healthcare.

The topic of their insightful session will be “Conversational Gold: Using In-office Dialogue to Shape a New Narrative for HIV Treatment.” It will be presented on May 12, conference day 1, at 4:10pm.  

The session aims to delve into how cultural narratives surrounding HIV, as identified through doctor-patient exam room conversations, shape patient attitudes and the decision-making process.

Charap and Coe will speak to attendees about the relevance of not just creating, but also promoting new narratives regarding the treatment of HIV during in-office conversations. Through these new narratives, healthcare providers will be better equipped to navigate the needs and attitudes of patients.

“Presenting this session at the BHBIA conference is a great opportunity to really speak to members of our industry about how patients’ preconceived notions about treating illness impacts doctor-patient conversations,” said Charap. “The theme of this year’s conference is “Digging for Treasure,” and we believe linguistic analysis of the candid doctor-patient conversation provides profound value for brands looking to dig into and improve that interaction.”

The 2014 BHBIA Annual Conference will also be the site of the BOBI (Best of Business Intelligence) Awards announcements. Verilogue is a finalist in the Most Innovative Approach category, for work entitled “Minding the Gaps in the COPD/Asthma Health Service Delivery System.” The work was completed by Yuuki Ochiai of Boehringer Ingelheim, along with Verilogue’s Gareth Nicol and Jeff Troy.

About BHBIA (British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association)

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