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Improving healthcare one conversation at a time since 2005

YEAR 2005
The year was 2005, and our founders Jeff Kozloff and Jamison Barnett were tirelessly conducting qualitative market research—and lots of it—for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. They had learned a lot about the before and after of the patient’s visit to the physician’s office, but had no accurate way of understanding the crucial interactions occurring during those office visits. They believed that the physician-patient interaction was the true epicenter of healthcare, and missing the fundamental understanding of what occurred during those interactions didn’t sit well with either of them.

Whereas most of the research world at the time was relying on recall-based research methods, Jeff and Jamison saw the need to simply listen. They had a powerful vision: devise a way for the healthcare industry to uncover natural exam-room conversations between patients and their healthcare providers and do it in a way that is more actionable, more cost efficient, and more rapid than traditional ethnographic methods.
YEAR 2006
In 2006, they recruited a handful of physicians to record conversations with patients using handheld digital recorders, and Verilogue (veri - for ‘real’, logue - for ‘dialogue’) was born.

Verilogue has since become the healthcare dialogue experts with more experience in more disease states than anyone else. As purveyors of the world’s largest collection of recorded exam-room dialogues, our talented team of market researchers and staff medical linguists deliver invaluable insights to our clients.
Together, we’re working around the globe to improve healthcare one conversation at a time.
  • 2006

    Verilogue founded outside
    of Philadelphia

    Our first 150 conversations are collected

  • 2007

    Series A funding received
    from Edison Ventures

    Over 100 physicians recruited to Verilogue panel

  • 2008

    10,000 conversations

    Begins offering video patient
    diaries and interactions

  • 2009

    Launches RevealMR, the social
    knowledge management
    system for market researchers

    1,000 physicians recruited

  • 2010

    Training division launched

    50,000 conversations!

    First Global recording

  • 2011

    Clients include 20 of top 20
    Pharmaceutical companies

    iPad app for training is

  • 2012

    50 pharma companies
    partner with Verilogue

    Dialogue collected in 9
    international markets

  • 2013

    Database surpasses 100
    million words recorded

    Verilogue Media Player